One in every of my older netbook computer systems, an acer aspire v5, is still being used by my associate. It nevertheless runs windows 7, but it has been performing up very badly lately, and that i ultimately decided that in preference to spend a few hours trying to get it to limp along some time longer for her once more, i might simply trash the whole thing on it and installation linux mint for her.

Besides the apparent step of dumping home windows, there is another big step for me in this. I’m no longer going to make my traditional multi-boot linux configuration on this netbook, i am simplest going to put in linux mint, and let it use the whole disk because it sees fit.

Step one is to down load the modern day linux mint installation photograph, from the down load linux mint web page. Because this is a netbook (study as: gradual cpu and restrained memory), i selected to install the mint xfce model. However, the actual set up time for any of the mint variations (cinnamon, mate, kde or xfce) are essentially the equal.

After downloading the installation image, and verifying the checksum, i wrote it to a usb stick. I then booted that usb stick in the aspire v5, which gave me this mint live screen:

Linux mint 18.2 xfce live computer

picture: j.A. Watson

This is quite simple. It is a live laptop, you could try it out, see if all your hardware works, connect wired or wi-fi to the net, some thing else you might want. When you are convinced that everything works and you need to install it, simply double-click on the deploy linux mint icon on the computing device.

Mint set up welcome and language

photograph: j.A. Watson

Now not a good deal to do here. If you want a language other than english for the set up and the installed machine, pick it right here.

Network selection

image: j.A. Watson

That is a list of the wi-fi networks that have been detected. In case you want to hook up with considered one of them, you could accomplish that right here. It isn’t essential to have a web connection throughout set up, so in case you do not need to idiot with it, simply click continue.

Getting ready for installation

photograph: j.A. Watson

If you want to have third-celebration software installed, such as multimedia codecs, proprietary photograph hardware drivers, wifi drivers and such, test the container here.

I believe that when you have an internet connection, the installer will also offer to download and install updates for the duration of the initial installation.

Disk format choice

image: j.A. Watson

Even this display is straightforward in this situation. I do not want to do anything fancy, i don’t want to hold any mounted working structures, i don’t want to multi-boot anything. I simply want to give the complete disk to linux mint and allow it installation however it sees match.

Proposed disk walls

photograph: j.A. Watson

This is simply the mint installer being polite. It’s far telling me what it is going to do, and caution me that the whole thing on the disk goes to be wiped.

Whilst you click continue on this display screen, the installation definitely starts offevolved in the history. The set up conversation maintains in the foreground.

Time area selection

image: j.A. Watson

Here you specify the time sector you’re in. If you’re in switzerland, and also you click the proper place on the map the primary try, i strongly recommend which you run out and play the lottery straight away, due to the fact it is your fortunate day. In case you do not manage to click on the right location after numerous tries, you can usually just type the call in the enter bar. (hint: do not try to kind zurich, both without or with umlaut; you will have to type switzerland)

Keyboard selection

image: j.A. Watson

Here you (sooner or later) select an appropriate keyboard map. On one hand, that is form of great due to the fact the installer has made an educated bet about the map to use, based totally on your region given inside the time sector step. Alternatively, it’s far kind of late to be doing this, as it way that if you have a non-u.S. Keyboard, you’ve got been struggling with typing till now. Particularly if you have been trying to type “z├╝rich” or “switzerland” inside the previous step.

Consumer account facts

j.A. Watson

Input the initial consumer account name and password. You could also pick to have the account logged in mechanically on boot. Not a terrific concept, in my opinion.

This is the last enter display screen of the installation method. You can now take a seat lower back and watch the propoganda slide display whilst the installation runs.

Set up in progress

photo: j.A. Watson

The installation manner took much less than 10 mins in this netbook, and the reputation bar at the lowest of the window saved me informed about what was being finished.

Installation whole

photograph: j.A. Watson

While the installation has finished, you are caused to reboot, or you may keep to work with the stay device.

Be aware the clock at the right end of the panel. It has been eight minutes given that i booted the mint live photograph, and the installation is complete. (the time changed by using 2 hours due to the fact the time quarter became changed)

Linux mint 18.2 xfce computing device

photo: j.A. Watson

The installed device, up and jogging. Be sure to click the update supervisor icon at the right quit of the panel, so you can get the updates that have been launched because the set up media became created.

Mint update manager configuration

photo: j.A. Watson

The first time you run the mint update manager, it will ask you to select among conservative, traditional and competitive update selection. Most of the people need to be happiest with the permit me evaluation sensitive updates alternative.

That’s it! Less than 10 minutes from begin to finish! Lifestyles doesn’t get much less complicated than this – you don’t actually have time to take a terrific espresso destroy whilst the installation is running! So what are you looking forward to?