Microsoft hasn’t posted one in all its documentary-fashion productivity destiny motion pictures for some time now — no longer when you consider that 2015, i consider. But that doesn’t suggest the organisation has stopped ‘envisioning’ what is probably next for workplace and the workplace.

In a new microsoft .Destiny podcast episode entitled “how ai will make conferences much less painful,” microsoft drops some suggestions about some of the trendy future standards that in the long run might also encourage its coming products and services, such as cortana.

The podcast (that’s audio only) mentions that director of office envisioning anton andrews and team have “reenvisioned everything — from what you should count on from a dry erase board, to what you would possibly anticipate from the floor.”

Andrews said for the duration of the podcast that microsoft sees the ground humans stand on as a potential communications tool, but did not tricky on how/while/if the organisation may additionally offer greater on what which means. Microsoft studies has done paintings on projecting consumer stories onto an expansion of surfaces such as floors, through its roomalive undertaking.

“the floor is an interface,” says andrews. “and the concept isn’t so much that the floor is come what may just the lively floor. However the concept is that we are able to plan and layout the floor.”

Microsoft has posted other video series in the beyond, like this one from early 2016, which are all about what work within the future will look like. It additionally partnered with steelcase in advance this yr to carry to market new styles of workplace furnishings that work nicely with surface gadgets, which includes floor hubs and floor studios.

This week’s podcast mentions that in andrews’ envisioning office of the future, “there may be this dome in the corner that seems like a wooden igloo skeleton. It is a prototype of a conference room.” this room is made out of acoustic felt (not alcantara, fuzzy lovers). The prototype convention room is supposed to check how a round room with out a big, square desk would possibly impact the way human beings have interaction.

The prototype convention room also, seemingly, has a manner for human beings to press a button and be greeted by way of cortana. The podcast does not difficult on wherein this button is (a new edition of skype room structures? A next-era surface hub? A harman-kardon speaker?)

Cortana asks “howdy, might you want to join your scheduled meeting?” in step with the podcast. Cortana then asks whether or not the leader would love cortana to take part in the meeting.

After accepting, andrews “demos how cortana can paintings in a teleconference assembly: the monitors located round the rims of the room connect us with a faraway workplace via a video name,” the podcast notes.

Cortana has the choice of transcribing everything stated within the assembly, recommending documents that users mention in passing and attaching them to the transcript and even “lightly remind(ing) you the names of the human beings you’re teleconferencing with.”

Microsoft has been dabbling with how exceptional to use virtual assistants — no longer simply cortana, but also earlier prototypes that have been used on the redmond campus — beneficial gear.

Microsoft’s ai + research organization is working on next-era “contextually shrewd assistants.” don’t forget: microsoft did buy that ai scheduling assistant business enterprise genee a 12 months in the past…. And a brand new microsoft garage project called dictate currently introduced speech-to-text skills to workplace apps.

Moreover, the company has been operating to add more smarts to skype translator and powerpoint (with the current presentation translator add-in) that might permit some of the sorts of scenarios cited in the podcast. Maybe microsoft is ready to move public with what is next for skype assembly declares, probably at the upcoming ignite show, given its anticipated skype for commercial enterprise revelations?

Microsoft’s envisioning motion pictures from the remaining decade, although supposed to be conceptual and inspirational, often offered recommendations about products to come. There was a few foreshadowing of the house hub windows functionality and surface studio in beyond movies.

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