I have been using linux mint for years now as my most important desktop. And, each yr that goes by means of, it keeps improving. With linux mint 18.2, the unfastened, open-source computing device has simplest gotten better.

Over again, mint’s cinnamon interface with its traditional windows, icons, menus, pointers (wimp) interface is easy and clean to use even if you’ve in no way touched linux for your life. Cinnamon three.4.Three’s appearance and feel has a crisp, smooth look with clean to examine fonts and colours that you can effortlessly modify for your coronary heart’s content.

Even as the brand new cinnamon interface looks and works the equal, beneath the hood it has many speed enhancements. Those consist of splitting the settings daemon and the nemo record manager into a couple of processes. In addition, the cinnamon javascript interpreter (cjs) has been re-primarily based on a more moderen version of gjs, gnome’s javascript binding, for stepped forward overall performance and reminiscence usage. The end result is a quicker, greater stable, and less difficult to debug laptop.

Want an easy-to-use, secure desktop? Then you definitely want linux mint 18.2.


Behind cinnamon, the mint team has also switched to the mild show supervisor (lightdm). This is a pass-computing device show supervisor. It helps the most important linux show technology (x window, mir, and wayland). Except making the computer release faster, it additionally supports far off, visitor periods.

The mint and cinnamon group have additionally been enhancing cinnamon’s “spices” integration with the computer. Those are the interface’s issues, applets, and extensions.

Remaining but now not least, for the laptop, cinnamon now supports a grid. This makes organizing the onscreen icons tons simpler.

Mint’s update supervisor has also been improved. Mint’s replace manager ranks patches on a 1-to-five scale. Maximum updates come in at stage 2. Software updates that do not impact the running gadget are stage 1. Toolkits and laptop environments or libraries which affect multiple packages are stage 3. Kernels and sensitive machine updates are level four. Level four updates are common kernel-related and have a tendency to be optional. Stage five is extremely rare and now not often used. It is devoted to flagging risky or damaged updates.

This model of mint is a long-term aid version. It is based on ubuntu sixteen.04.

As for the working gadget itself, mint ships with linux-firmware 1.157.10 and the 4.8.0-53 linux kernel. If you need to, you can upgrade it to the 4.10 linux kernel. There may be little reason to try this except you need to run modern linux.

For programs, mint is sticking with its typical suspects. These include libreoffice five.1.6.2 for the workplace-suite; firefox 54.0 for the net browser; thunderbird fifty two.1.1 for the e-mail purchaser; and gimp 2.8.16 for images enhancing.

You could, of route, upload your select of programs. For instance, i’m the use of libreoffice 5.Four, chrome 60, and evolution three.18.5.2. Like several cutting-edge linux distributions, including new software program is absolutely a be counted of click and run.

Mint 18.2 ran like a champ on my work laptop. This is an older dell xps 8300. It has a three.4ghz quad-middle intel center i7 processor, 8gbs of ram, and an amd/ati radeon hd 5770 photographs card.

The brand new mint also ran nicely on my antique 2011 lenovo thinkpad t520 computer. This pocket book computer comes with a 2.5ghz intel middle i5 processor, 4gbs of ram, a 500gb hard pressure, and an integrated intel hd pics 3000 processor.

In brief, mint will run properly on quite a great deal any x86 hardware you’ve got in your own home or office. It’s going to run better on newer computers, but you do not need pace to revel in going for walks it.

Like every computing device linux distributions, linux is a ways more relaxed than windows. True, linux has its safety issues, however microsoft claims windows 10 security is “so desirable, it may block 0-days with out being patched,” and that’s crap. Simply months after wannacrypt hit, microsoft patched 48 separate windows vulnerabilities — most of the people of which have been the very best “critical” score. Home windows security is an oxymoron.

In case you want a pinnacle-notch computing device that is also at ease, strive linux mint. You can be up and running with mint in beneath 10 mins. Want to try it first? You can do this too with mint on a live usb.

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