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Singapore is properly in advance of the p.C. With the quickest common (imply) download pace of 55.13mbps, in keeping with a report from cable.Co.Uk that ranks 189 international locations.

Sweden is a at ease second (forty.16mbps) accompanied by means of taiwan (34.40mbps). But, british and american customers are not so lucky. The us is in twenty first place on 20.00mbps, and canada takes twenty sixth with 18.03mbps. The United Kingdom comes 31st with 16.51mbps, behind 19 different ecu international locations. (as a minimum we made the top 20 in europe.)

The numbers are based on extra than 63 million test results, though forty five.Four million of those have been in the united states, 4 million in canada and a pair of.4 million in australia. There have been most effective 218 from burkina faso, where the common pace was zero.49mbps. The most effective slower locations had been gabon (zero.41mbps) and yemen (zero.34mbps).

The record says a consumer in singapore may want to download a full hd film (7.5gb) in 18 mins and 34 seconds. It might take an american fifty one’13” and a brit simply over an hour. For the average yemeni, the down load time stretches to 2 days, 2 hours, 2 minutes and 28 seconds.

The consequences favour small countries with focused populations, like singapore, and nations that have set up the maximum fiber optic broadband, such as sweden and latvia.

They also show the advantages of having clever governments that are committed to advanced technology. Again, singapore is the sector leader: it’s been pushing its “wise island” subject matter for many years. Others consist of fourth-placed denmark (33.54mbps), sixth-positioned latvia (30.36mbps) and, in thirteenth location, estonia (24.11mbps).

The United Kingdom is not the only evolved country to score badly. Different examples consist of france (thirteen.43mbps), italy (10.71mbps) and israel (7.2mbps).

The statistics changed into compiled by m-lab, a consortium that includes new america’s open era institute (oti), google open source research and princeton university’s planet lab.

M-lab says it “presents the most important collection of open internet performance statistics on the earth”. All people can take a look at their broadband velocity at m-lab’s internet site.

The top forty international locations primarily based on common broadband speeds.